Years 12-13 (Ages 16-18) IBDP

The IB Diploma Programme at YCIS Qingdao offers an excellent international education that helps equip Upper Secondary students to make informed choices and contributions as caring global citizens of the world. Our IB Programme is academically challenging and prepares students in Years 12–13 (students aged 16–19), for success in university and life in an ever-changing global society.

Four YCIS Secondary students wear YCIS uniform using computer in the YCIS campus

Chinese Language and Culture Programme

All of our IB Diploma candidates take daily Chinese lessons in addition to their IB elective courses. Our most senior Chinese courses are not only continuously adapted to fit our students’ language level, but also provide students with perspectives and class discussions on important global and cultural topics. Our students also participate in a variety of Chinese cultural events throughout the year and are encouraged to make deeper connections within the local community.

One YCIS Secondary student drawing a picture

Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS)

Core component of the IB Diploma programme for our Year 12 and 13 students. The IB Diploma CAS programme aims to help students balance the academic rigour of their academic programme, and encourages them to engage in experiential learning and reflection. IB Diploma students are expected to extend themselves in meaningful ways through creative endeavours, physical challenges, and service for their communities and beyond.

A YCIS teacher is playing drums in the music classroom

Holistic Focus

The IB Diploma programme is a holistic programme, and paired with YCIS’s international focus. Upper Secondary students therefore graduate with a keen and progressive global view in comparison to their worldwide peers. In fact, graduates earning the IB Diploma at YCIS receive offers from leading universities throughout the world across a broad range of subjects, including music, film, engineering, science, art, business studies, and more.

YCIS Secondary students in the campus

Years 12–13: Snapshot of a School Day

8 a.m.: The first bell of the day rings and students move from public spaces and locker areas to their form rooms (homerooms), where their form teacher updates them on important daily news and events.

8.15 a.m.: Students stay as a form group and begin their day with a University Guidance, Theory of Knowledge, or Extended Essay lesson.

9.05 a.m.: Students then have their daily Chinese language lesson, grouped by level.

9.55 a.m.: Students take a break and catch up with peers during their morning break.

10.10 a.m.: Students gather for their English lesson to help fine tune their writing skills and study advanced works of literature.

11 a.m.: Students move to their first elective course of the day, focusing on a variety of subject areas including Music, Arts, History, Economics, Sciences, and more.

11.50 a.m.: Students move to another one of their IB elective courses. Some students may have a Private Study period, congregating in the dedicated IB student lounge.

12.45 p.m.: Students refuel their bodies and minds with a nutritious lunch in the cafeteria.

1.40 p.m.: Students have another elective course.

2.35 p.m.: Students attend their Maths lessons, arranged by level.

3.30 p.m.: Students gather their belongings from their lockers and get ready to return home. Many IB students are busy after school with the great number of YCIS Co-curricular activities available on campus.