Years 10-11 (Ages 14-16) IGCSE

Our programme for Years 10-11 (students aged 14–16) at YCIS Qingdao offers an exemplary international education designed to prepare students for the IB Diploma Programme. During these years, our students engage in the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) programme, internationally recognised as providing an external qualification that shapes students’ problem-solving and investigative skills, and builds their independent and collaborative work habits.

Three YCIS Secondary students wear YCIS uniform using computer in the ICT class

Chinese Language and Culture Programme

All IGCSE students at YCIS take one hour of Chinese language lessons daily, tailored to their ability. In these Upper Secondary years, classes focus on more specific vocabulary and topics, such as global issues. Our students also participate in a variety of Chinese cultural events throughout the year and are encouraged to engage more deeply with the local Qingdao community.

A group of YCIS Secondary students wear YCIS uniform in the campus

Character Education

As our students enter Upper Secondary, it’s of great importance that they build the character values and skillset necessary for success and independence in adulthood. Therefore, YCIS IGCSE students develop and reflect on Learner Attributes such as responsibility, communication, balance, and confidence. As a school community we seek to cultivate the academic, personal and social, character, and moral life skills for development of every child.

Two YCIS Secondary students wear YCIS shirts playing cello

Holistic Education

The IGCSE programme, paired with the YCIS International curriculum, offers a wide-range of engaging courses for our students. Based on their interests and focus, students are able to choose from a broad selection of elective subjects.

A group of YCIS Secondary students went to a world classroom trip

Trips and Excursions

IGCSE students have an abundance of community service opportunities and have opportunities to travel on trips locally, within China, and internationally. In Years 10–11, many of our students choose to embark on a visit to one of our Seeds of Hope schools – local Primary schools supported by YCIS located in small, rural villages in regions throughout China – to complete service projects and help volunteer in the classrooms.

A group of YCIS Secondary students wear YCIS uniform in the football filed

Years 10–11: Snapshot of a School Day

8 a.m.: After arriving on campus and securing their belongings in their lockers, the students move to their form rooms (homerooms), where their form teacher informs them about relevant campus news and events.

8.15 a.m.: Students begin their day with their Chinese language lessons, arranged by level.

9.05 a.m.: Students then move to their Maths class, also grouped by level.

9.55 a.m.: Students have an opportunity in their morning break to get active and socialise with friends.

10.10 a.m.: Students participate in a science lessons, focusing on areas such as Biology, Chemistry, Practical Lab, or Physics class.

11 a.m.: Students move to their first elective course of the day, spanning a variety of studies including Music, Arts, History, Economics, Drama, and more.

11.50 a.m.: Students move to another one of their IGCSE elective classes.

12.45 p.m.: Students gather in the cafeteria to enjoy a fresh and balanced lunch in the cafeteria.

1.40 p.m.: Students have a Physical Education (PE), University Guidance, or Global Perspectives course.

2.35 p.m.: To conclude the day, students fine tune their writing abilities as they study a variety of works of literature in an English lesson.

3.30 p.m.: Students start to collect their personal items and get ready to travel home. Many IGCSE students remain on campus to participate in the wide-range of YCIS Co-curricular and charitable activities.