YCIS Qingdao in SEOMUN 2018

The Model United Nations team traveled to Seoul, Korea from November 8 to November 12, 2018 to compete in SEOMUN’s 21st session. The trip was organized by Humanities teachers, Shawna Ionescu and Varsha Kumar. The focus was ‘The Perils of Indifference.’


Students represented the following countries and committees:

Collin Qu – Cypress/General Assembly 1

Leon Liu – Syria/General Assembly 1

Audrey Yuhe – Burkina Faso/Commission on Narcotic Drugs

Yewon Lee – Hungary/General Assembly 3

George Guo – Senegal/Human Rights Committee

Theo Hohemberger – Portugal/Environmental Committee

H.G. Lee - Vietnam/Disarmament Committee



Students participated in debates, generated resolutions and agreed on amendments regarding decisions within their committees. The trip was an enjoyable learning experience.

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