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  • Mom and Babies Musical Playgroup in Yew Chung International School

    Join a group of moms every Wednesday for a time of singing and dancing with our little people....




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  • IBDP Visual Arts Exhibition in YCIS

    IBDP Visual Arts Exhibition in the school lobby from 20th March, 2018  

    Please come see our pioneering Visual Arts Exhibition, featuring our resident artists Ding Yuan and Lee Na Young from Year 13.

    This year our first cohort of IBDP Visual Arts students here at Yew Chung International School of Qingdao are exhibiting their two-year artistic journey. Students Ding Yuan and Lee Na Young have both demonstrated a variety of skills and techniques in this display of contemporary Art.

    Yuan decided to centre her artwork on the theme of tradition and modern culture, focusing on her birthplace - China. This past-meets-present-day approach has resulted in some very interesting work including video installations, photography and paintings to name but a few. Her work was inspired by artists such as Al Weiwei and Jamie Reid. Her varied research pushed the boundaries of conceptual thinking and asked questions like: is progression always necessary? Does history always shape the future?

    Na Young focused her work around the theme of the ‘Self’; even though the projects had an underlying relationship to her own opinions and thoughts the artwork created still explored hard-hitting concepts like female and animal rights. She experimented with a wide range of materials including origami, sculpture and computer aided design (CAD). Her work will leave the audience questioning their own stance on an assortment of topics, as well as appreciating the skill involved in its construction. 

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