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    85th Anniversary Spring Concert Brings the Sounds of Spring to YCIS QD


    2018 年 04 月 10 日

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    • On March 29, YCIS QD Primary school concert brought the sounds of Spring to our campus, thus celebrating YCIS’s 85thAnniversary. Music is a large part of a Yew Chung education, and it presents our children with a number of opportunities: students gain confidence on the stage and are able to express themselves creatively; they also acquire physical dexterity and mental discipline at an early age. Yesterday’s concert showcased the students’ progress in our school’s unique music programme, whilst also highlighting each student’s development in their instrument. During the concert, the Year 3 opening performance was a crowd favorite – ‘The City of the Sky Edelweiss’. Each year level was given the opportunity to perform their own song, showcasing the violin skills they have learned. The programme included several group and solo performances. Among the highlights were a spectacular vocal performance from Year 6 Rwon Ra Bin, and a violin performance of ‘Song for Christine Natalie’s Rose’ from Year One. Our more advanced solo musicians had a chance to demonstrate their virtuoso piano skills. The concert ended on a high note with a lively performance by Year 4’s Yu Xiaohan.