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    U19 ACAMIS Volleyball Tournament


    2018 年 11 月 07 日

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    • From October 25-28, YCIS Qingdao’s U19 Volleyball Teams headed to the international school in Beijing for the ACAMIS Silver Division Tournament.

      This was our school’s first regional sports tournament held outside of Qingdao. Our boys team played phenomenally well and improved massively over the course of the tournament and despite losing their first few games, finished in 6th place. Our girls team also gained a lot of experience with this being the first taste of competitive volleyball many on the team.

      This trip nurtured a sense of teamwork and school pride for the players, who ferociously cheered each other on. Despite, the result not being ideal, the teams stuck together and kept each other’s heads up and did their best till the end. They also made friends with players from other schools including our sister school, YCIS Chongqing.

      Overall, it was a great experience for the players who look forward to participating in the upcoming QISN tournament against local schools the weekend of November 16-17 at another international school in Qingdao.