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    Service Learning Trip in YCISQD


    2019 年 04 月 01 日

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    • Yew Chung is committed to providing a well-rounded education to the students, not only in academic areas, but also in activities. During March 18th-22nd is YCIS QD secondary students Service Learning Week. During this week, they visited several different communities, such as Tai Hang Shan Lu Primary School, Qingdao Deaf School, Jiaonan Deaf School and Qufu Seeds of Hope School. Here are the best experiences shared by our students, upon their return to school.

      Last week, the Y7 students had a chance to socialise and work with the Tai Hang Shan Lu Primary school. Throughout the whole week, the students of both schools were divided into three groups Sports, Creativity and Science. The sports group played Spike ball and had lots of fun. The science group made and launched bottle rockets, and they also had a chance to make Non-Newtonian fluid (oobleck) at the primary school. The creativity group interacted with the other students by providing engaging activities such as domino trains, towers and challenges such as the longest chain of dominos and the tallest tower of dominos. Throughout the week, the Y7 students learnt to interact with students who had different perspectives. —— Y7 Roy Cho, Robbie Clarke &Luke Garner

      During the Service Week, the Year 8 and some of the Year 11 students went to the Qingdao Deaf School. As they toured the school, they discovered the school was more advanced than they had originally thought. The students from both schools had a basketball game, and the Qingdao Deaf-School defeated YCIS QD 2-1. After the game, students made necklaces or played with clay. At the end of day 1, the students played Chinese board games, learnt sign-language and watched a student from the Deaf School perform a song using a Guzheng. During the week, some of the students from Qingdao Deaf-School visited our school, and we welcomed them with sign-language. Our students did activities with them such as egg parachute, trick-shot filming and team-building activities. At the end of the week, the Year 8 students stayed at the school and painted their house mascots as inspirations for the YCIS QD. —— Y8 Ashley Ng & Candy Lim

      During the service learning week, Year 9 class went to the Jiaonan Deaf School. On Monday and Tuesday, the YCIS students interacted with the Jiaonan students by providing activities such as outdoor games, building blocks, dominos, colouring pictures, making characters with clay and singing cup songs. During the two days, the students realized that the deaf students communicated by expressing their feelings rather than using words. YCIS students learnt to be patient whenever the deaf students became very excited and enthusiastic when trying to communicate. On Wednesday and Thursday, YCIS students stayed at school to paint murals for the deaf school. Overall this trip was very exciting, interesting, and meaningful as it helped the students to understand the challenges some people face. Year 9 students hope to be able to participate in more trips like this in the future and help more kids and people in need. ——Year 9 Hye Nah Cho & Darren Liu

      From Monday, March 18thto Thursday March 21st, eight students from Year 10 and 11 went on a trip to two public primary schools in Qufu. Before the visit, students from Qingdao and Shanghai prepared lessons on different topics such as food, sea creatures and sports, to teach the children English. We also had activities of different kinds in order to help them understand the topics. Activities such as drawing and singing made the students engaged in the lesson, and activities like basketball encouraged the students to be more active throughout regular school days. Despite some difficulties throughout the lessons, the young students all showed great interest and cooperation in our lessons. We think that our trip to Qufu was successful because we brought joy and hope into the children’s lives. ——Y10 LEE Ha Gyeong & HNG De Hui