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    All our 2020 Graduates were awarded the IB Bilingual Diploma;only 24.75% of passing students were awarded this worldwide !


    2020 年 10 月 21 日

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    • This Autumn, our YCIS QD graduates of 2020 received the prestigious IB Bilingual Diploma.The prestigious IB Bilingual Diploma indicates mastery in at least two languages. Only 24.75 % of diplomas awarded worldwide were IB Bilingual Diplomas. This achievement by our students demonstrates not only their skills in utilizing a range of languages, but also the strength of the English, Chinese and Korean programmes, and the expertise of our teachers in YCIS Qingdao.

      100% of our graduates were awarded the IB Diploma, significantly higher than the global average for 2020 of 79.10% of students. As well as this, our graduates achieved an average IBDP points score of 35.75, far higher than the global average of 29.92. The average subject grade per students for YCIS Qingdao was 5.96, which again is above the global average of 4.67.

      These remarkable achievements are testament to the diligence and effort of our students’ studies over the past two years, as well as the significant efforts of our academic and support staff. Now, our graduates have started their new college life in campuses across the world. A range of experiences and challenges await them; let us wish them all the best for their futures in university and beyond.