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    Subject in Focus: Secondary Science


    2017 年 02 月 14 日

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    • Plants, body systems, genetics, atoms, elements, energy transformations, momentum, waves, molecular level analysis, and designing experiments are some of the concepts and activities that we’ve been working on this semester in our Secondary science classes. The Science Department is also currently working on planning different field trips during which our students will learn new skills as they observe the real-life applications of the topics discussed in class.

      In Upper Secondary, as the external exam window gets closer we are focusing on revising all the topics and solving as many past papers as we can. In our IB classes students are practising designing an experiment and writing a formal lab report. IB Biology students performed experiments to investigate the factors that affect the rate of photosynthesis while Physics students were testing the factors that affect the bounciness of a ping-pong ball. The students are continuing to develop their lab skills in preparation for the important end of year Group 4 project which will involve designing an experiment and presenting it to other students as part of their IB requirements.

      Year 11’s, our IGCSE exam group, finished the chemistry portion of the curriculum where we studied organic chemistry learning about how energy is extracted from hydrocarbon molecules. The students are looking forward to completing the curriculum as we conclude the final Physics topics. Year 10 students recently concluded the biology portion of the curriculum where they learnt about various body systems. They also studied about the importance of plants to the environment and the need to protect our ecosystems.

      You flip a switch and the light turns on, but what happens BEFORE the light switch? This is what the Year 9 Science students are currently investigating as we discuss and explore Energy Transformations. We just finished the units on chemistry and are starting to learn about physics in the world around us. Year 8 students are in the middle of chemistry and studying the structure of an atom, elements, and what compounds are and how they are useful to us. Put them to the test and see if they can draw an atom for you. Year 7 students just finished Acids and Alkalis and are starting a unit on Physical and Chemical Changes. Lower Secondary Science students are also starting their Science Fair projects which will be displayed in June so be sure to come in and see all their hard work over the next four months.