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    New Student Orientation Day


    2016 年 08 月 22 日

    10 : 00

    • Each August, YCIS Qingdao holds a New Student Orientation Day in order to help new students to better transition into the first days of class. All new families are invited to come to campus, join an information session, pick up their school uniform and meet with their teachers. This helps both parents and students to feel better prepared and less nervous when starting their first day of class.

      In the coming days, our new students will make friends, become used to their schedules, and adapt to their new school environment. The transition happens quickly, and students will soon be able to get up on their feet. But once a member of YCIS, always a part of the YCIS family; our school community will continue to support our students long after they’re able to stand on their own.