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    Switching Roles: Students Turn Teachers at YCIS Qingdao


    2017 年 06 月 27 日

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    • The end of the school year provides students and teachers many reasons to celebrate. Of course, excitement of the looming summer holiday is high on that list, but at YCIS Qingdao we also recognise the importance of celebrating students' efforts and learning throughout the past year.

      To highlight our students' hard work, last week YCIS Qingdao held our first annual Celebration of Learning event. Organised by Lower Secondary Co-ordinator Ms Julie Vielma-Clegg, activities saw students showcase a year's worth of studies through drama, experiments, and presentations.

      The morning began with IBDP student presentations in the QICC (Qingdao International Community Centre). Many parents and classmates gathered to watch the Year 12 students, who showed their depth of knowledge in explaining complex concepts and topics for the audience.

      Meanwhile, the 4th-floor corridor and classrooms were lined with project boards displaying students’ art and science projects. Parents and Primary students were invited to visit each display board where attending Secondary students explained their projects’ steps and conclusions.

      In the afternoon, the day ended with a student-produced Shakespearean drama, complete with accompanying school orchestra. A product of the English Department, the performance was a visual expression of the various literary themes that students had been studying and wrestling with throughout the year.

      Ultimately, the Celebration of Learning event provides an opportunity for students to play the role of the teacher, while parents and teachers play the role of observer and student. There’s no greater sign of subject comprehension than being able to teach that subject to others. Through last week’s activities, students displayed the same passion and depth of knowledge that our teachers daily bring to the classroom. And that’s something worth celebrating.

      To find out more about our Secondary Programme or to request information about upcoming events at YCIS, please contact our admissions team today.