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    Seeds of Hope Concert


    2024 年 04 月 12 日

    10 : 26


    On March 16th, the Seeds of Hope Concert, like a warm ray of sunshine, graced the iconic Shangyin Opera House. This musical extravaganza, brought to fruition by the Yew Chung Yew Wah Education Network, united over 350 teachers and students who,through their music, showcased the importance and potential of education to change the world.



    The Seeds of Hope Project originated in 1996 when a powerful magnitude seven earthquake struck Lijiang, Yunnan. The compassionate Yew Chung students and faculty joined forces, employing their artistic talents raise funds to construct the "Yew Chung Academic Building" in the disaster-stricken region. In response to the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan, the project swiftly mobilised resources to reconstruct a local primary school. In 2011, the Seeds of Hope Project officially became a comprehensive charitable initiative dedicated to fundraising for impoverished schools, providing children with education and hope.

    To date, the Seeds of Hope Project has facilitated the establishment of eight schools in China and the Philippines. In her speech, Dr Betty Chan Po-kingYCYW's Chief Executive Officer & School Supervisor, emphasised that "these endeavors exemplify the values instilled in YCYW students. YCYW is committed to nurturing students of exceptional character, compassion, and empathy, firmly believing in the transformative power of education."




    Under the guidance of YCIS Qingdao music teacher Mr Kutin, eight talented young musicians embarked on a journey to Shanghai. Team members Kelly, Anna, Emma, Amy, Christine, Jason, Maddie, and Jonathan showcased their strengths during the concert, collectively composing a musical symphony of love and hope. They underwent rigorous rehearsals with their peers from sister schools, fostering genuine friendships in a spirit of collaboration.


    As Mr Kutin aptly stated, this was a fantastic experience. The spirited and imaginative ensemble from YCQD captivated the audience at the Seeds of Hope Concert with their unparalleled musical prowess, transcending the boundaries of sound and vision. They were not mere performers but emissaries of friendship, employing the universal language of music to forge profound and heartfelt connections.



    For the students, this journey extended beyond a cherished memory; it represented a pivotal milestone in their musical journeys. Armed with music as their medium, they continue to exemplify the persistent voice of hope, beauty, and harmony in the world. Let us eagerly anticipate their forthcoming performances!