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    Welcome to YCIS International Day


    2023 年 02 月 06 日

    09 : 47

    • The new semester just started, and our YCIS Qingdao students welcomed the most expected International Day! It's a joyful moment that YCIS community celebrates our culture of diversity and inclusivity and enjoys the cuisines of different countries.


      This year, we had thirteen' national teams'. Each class represented one country, like the USA, Brazil, South Africa, Canada, India, Mexico, Qatar, Peru, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Spain and Japan.


      At the school gym, students wore the appropriate national dress for each country and held a fascinating 'parade of nations' in the school gym. It was a true world gathering connecting western and eastern cultures.


      Before International Day, students learnt the history, clothes, food, and custom knowledge from different countries. After the parade, they had diverse activities at each cultural spot. They made Brazilian carnival masks, played ice hockey, and listened to South Africa music. What a fantastic day!


      YCIS Qingdao is equipping children to be bilingual, global-minded and caring global citizens. Students who are nurtured in a multicultural environment with a well-rounded and balanced education, with a deep respect for and understanding of world cultures and are ready to march onto the world stage.