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    中国传统节日 - 中秋节


    2018 年 09 月 24 日

    10 : 00

    • 青岛耀中国际学校极其重视学生的中文语言学习。为帮助学生更深刻地理解中文语言,特别设置了中国研习课。一至九年级学生每周上一小时的中国研习课。学习主题多元化,包括历史、地理、文学、艺术、音乐及传统节日。


      Happy families eating round mooncake.
      Joyful friends coming to visit.
      Playful children playing all night.
      Noisy parents talking all night.
      Happy grandmas making dumplings.
      Joyful chefs giving out mooncakes in restaurants.

      By Vincent TABUR 马易坤

      Happy people hanging lanterns.
      Little children eating moon cakes.
      Joyful mums and dads looking at the moon together.
      Tired teenagers giving out moon cakes.
      Cute puppies howling at the moon.

      By Kirsten Claes 庞暄妤

      Joyful children sleeping late.
      Beautiful grandmas making moon cakes.
      Special mothers making lanterns at home.
      Helpful dads making dumplings.
      Lovely families going home to eat.

      By Jason Jiaxiang XU 徐佳祥

      Joyful children playing until late.
      Tired mums making big meal.
      Playful dogs barking for happiness.
      Hardworking dads coming home early.
      Old grandparents waiting for us.
      Young kids making fires for the lanterns.
      Enormous moon shining in the sky.
      Big families eating meals and laughing.

      By Alex LIM 林辉宰

      Joyful children staying up late at night.
      Hard working grandmas making moon cakes.
      Families eating together.
      Playful children playing with fireworks.
      Moms putting up the red lanterns.
      Families watching the white pearl in the dark sky.
      Dads taking a day off.
      Neighbors giving moon cakes.

      By Lanaya KUMAR 柯诗怡