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    Embracing Beautiful China - Primary Chinese Culture Week


    2019 年 06 月 10 日

    10 : 00

    • The first week of June, YCIS Qingdao held Primary Chinese Culture Week with the theme of "Embracing Beautiful China".

      During this week, each year level of Primary classes learnt a theme of Chinese geography - Year 1 was Nature Reserves, Year 2 Biology, Year 3 Rivers and Lakes, Year 4 Mountains, Year 5 Oceans and Year 6 Forests. Based on the themes, class teachers provided students with multicultural and interdisciplinary learning experiences. In this interesting learning process, students not only learnt Chinese culture but also experienced and applied a variety of new skills and knowledge. On the school assembly of the Chinese Culture Week, students confidently showed their learning results in various forms, including video, music, model, Q&A, drama and so on.

      In YCIS, Chinese characters and poems is an important part of Chinese learning. Tuesday's Chinese Spelling Competition and Wednesday's Poetry “pass through” activity provided a stage for students to exchange and display their Chinese knowledge. Here, we would like to thank all parents and teachers who participated in the spelling competition. Your enthusiastic participation and excellent performance set a good example for students.

      We believe the Chinese Culture Week will enhance students’ interest in their Chinese learning journey.