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    MUN Trip to Seoul


    2016 年 12 月 01 日

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    • Last week, our Model United Nations (MUN) students went to Seoul to represent YCIS in a conference centred around the theme of Embracing Diversity.

      Once they arrived, they immediately got to interact with students from other Asian international schools. They tackled the world’s problems head on, in areas of economics, human rights, environmental issues, world security, and justice.

      MUN students (delegates) were exposed to many different opinions and world perspectives and, the whole time, were tasked with representing specific countries’ ideals, fundamentals, and views.

      To that end, our students each represented a specific country. They were: Nigeria, Bangladesh, Mauritania, China, Qatar, Sweden, Japan, the United States of America, Iran, and Ukraine.

      Each YCIS delegate was tasked with knowing their assigned country inside and out. Before the trip, the delegates did research to understand as much as possible about each country and how to best serve their needs in MUN assemblies and commissions. Our delegates were to make resolutions (bills or edicts) to better our world, work with other international students to create solutions which would benefit all nations, and help pass their resolutions.

      While it was an intense conference, with real-world issues, our students were able to learn, grow, and contribute in our diverse world.