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    Drama Club


    2017 年 11 月 19 日

    10 : 00

    • The Drama club is a new addition to the numerous ECAs available for students in school this year. Students from Years 7 to 13 gather together every Thursday afternoon to prepare for the final production of the play ‘Mmmbeth’ which will be performed for the entire school community at the end of the school year. For this year’s project, students will be immersing themselves in the Shakespearean era of theatre, adding a comical musical twist to the stone-cold classic, ‘Macbeth’. While getting the chance to do improv, our Drama club members are also exploring marketing, finance, and other backstage planning that goes with the production of a play. ‘Mmmbeth’ will be an exciting and refreshing performance - no doubt the best we’ve ever staged - and we can’t wait for parents and fellow students to see what we’ve been working on.!