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    YCIS Qingdao Launches Renovation for Innovative Learning Style


    13 Sep, 2018

    10 : 00

    • YCIS Qingdao community is expanding every year due to the growing students’ numbers. In order to improve the school community, YCIS Qingdao had a significant renovation on the school lobby during this Summer. Students have more opportunities to share their knowledge, experience, cultures, and lifestyle, at the same time to enhance group growth.

      The school has started for a month. Students from different nationalities in YCIS Qingdao shared their perspectives on the school new lobby.

      The new semester started on August 20th, 2018. We were stunned by the brand-new looking lobby when we stepped in the main building. The modern design brings freshness and vigour, at the same time brings people an impression of generous and comfortable.

      The first thing to catch our sight is the modern yellow-white office table. Under the bright sunlight, it looks more professional than before. Looking around the hall, the bright yellow combine with the light green colour make the hall glowing with warmth and vitality.

      Looking to the left side of the lobby, display boards bring you the extraordinary 85 years of Yew Chung history. On the left side of the display boards, there is a guest room separated by the glass wall, with comfortable couch, tables and some plants decorated making the guests room more like a home. Outside of the guest room, there is a couch for guests or students to rest. Such an attentive design!

      On the right side of the display boards, it’s everyone’s favorite place – coffee corner. The big difference is that we have table sets now in the coffee area, and students can enjoy some of their favourite drinks during break time.

      The new semester is full of new outlooks. We are looking forward to embracing this new journey!

      Y10 ZHAO Xiaofei(Jane)

      The new semester means the new beginning, and we also have a brand new looking lobby which brings us a great surprise on the first day. School office, coffee corner, and history boards, everything in the lobby looks fresh to us. The construction area is not changed but the new lobby certainly looks more extensive, bright and professional.

      TAO Yuzhu(Lisa)

      Our school new lobby has a big renovation this year. Parents and visitors get direct access to the 85 years of Yew Chung history when they come and visit. We also provide chairs and tables for students who can share their ideas after class and have the group discussion.

      Y11 KIM Dong Hyun (Bert)

      We also have some primary students who wrote about their thoughts on the new lobby, and most of them are EAL(English as an Additional Language) students.

      Take a Virtual Tourto see the new lobby!