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    Mid-Autumn Festival in YCIS Qingdao


    24 Sep, 2018

    10 : 00

    • Yew Chung International School of Qingdao’s Chinese Language and Culture Programme is the thriving cornerstone of the globally progressive education we provide, and it foster their cross-cultural thinking and open-mindedness. Furthermore, in order to develop a deeper understanding of the language, our students also study Chinese culture. In addition to daily language lessons, our students in Years 1-9 take one hour of Chinese culture lessons per week as part of our Chinese Studies Course. The learning topics are diverse, and integrate subjects such as History, Geography, Literature, Art and Music, and Traditional Festivals, adding meaningful context to the Chinese language students are studying in class.

      Last week was the Chinese traditional festival, Mid-autumn festival, our primary students learned the origin of the Mid-autumn festival and different customs through classroom practice in Chinese Language and Culture Programme. Please have a look at the Mid-Autumn poems our Year 4a students wrote their own.

      Happy families eating round mooncake.
      Joyful friends coming to visit.
      Playful children playing all night.
      Noisy parents talking all night.
      Happy grandmas making dumplings.
      Joyful chefs giving out mooncakes in restaurants.

      By Vincent TABUR

      Happy people hanging lanterns.
      Little children eating moon cakes.
      Joyful mums and dads looking at the moon together.
      Tired teenagers giving out moon cakes.
      Cute puppies howling at the moon.

      By Kirsten Claes

      Joyful children sleeping late.
      Beautiful grandmas making moon cakes.
      Special mothers making lanterns at home.
      Helpful dads making dumplings.
      Lovely families going home to eat.

      By Jason Jiaxiang XU

      Joyful children playing until late.
      Tired mums making big meal.
      Playful dogs barking for happiness.
      Hardworking dads coming home early.
      Old grandparents waiting for us.
      Young kids making fires for the lanterns.
      Enormous moon shining in the sky.
      Big families eating meals and laughing.

      By Alex LIM임휘재

      Joyful children staying up late at night.
      Hard working grandmas making moon cakes.
      Families eating together.
      Playful children playing with fireworks.
      Moms putting up the red lanterns.
      Families watching the white pearl in the dark sky.
      Dads taking a day off.
      Neighbors giving moon cakes.

      By Lanaya KUMAR