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    Year 9 & 10 Experiencing China Trip to Chengdu!


    30 Oct, 2018

    10 : 00

    • We were very excited to visit this small city, in a rainy but colourful autumn.

      We carefully cooked the delicious Sichuan cuisine which had already spread its flavour thousands of years; we asked for the way to life at Mont Qingcheng, and experienced Tai Chi culture. We visited the Dujiangyan Weir and sensed the ancient wisdom there. We saw the unassuming giant panda. We walked along the avenue of poetry and recited the ancient Chinese words.

      Wandering the Jinsha archaeological site, it seemed that we had traversed the ancient Shu kingdom, strolled through Wu Hou shrine and back to the Three Kingdoms of history.

      The performances during the evening party were wonderful. Just around the corner, the quaint scenery of Huanglongxi ancient town made everyone very happy.

      Waving and singing "Chengdu" we said goodbye to the city that will always be with us.

      See you,Chengdu!