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    IGCSE and IBDP Students Are Preparing for Their Exams


    04 Mar, 2019

    10 : 00

    • The IGCSE and IBDP students have gained a strong foundation of the key economic concepts and are preparing for their mock exams.

      They have examined the four major sections in Economics (Micro, Macro, International and Development) to comprehend how economics operates at a global level.

      Our Year 10 students are currently exploring multinational corporations. They researched online newspapers to critically evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of the multinationals. The Year 12 students are learning about measuring economic growth using GDP as well as identifying the role of government in an economy. They are using graphs to demonstrate their understanding of the real world by implying theories to real-world situations.

      All the Upper Secondary Economics students are collaborating to organise a Business Fete which will raise funds for charity. They will demonstrate entrepreneurship by operating their own mini-businesses. They will become global citizens by gaining a deeper understanding of their responsibility towards society and will learn small ways they can contribute to make our world a better place.