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    Earth Day - Environmental Awareness in YCIS


    08 May, 2019

    10 : 00

    • YCIS Qingdao held Earth Day on April 19. Students of Primary and Secondary attended various activities.

      Primary students had a fun-filled Earth Day. Students came to school wearing earthy colours: blue, green and brown. They also brought their skateboards, rollerblades and scooters with them, as we combined Earth Day with Wheels Day! We started the day without electricity and discussed what Earth Day is all about, looking after planet earth. Throughout the day, students worked on the new primary school garden. We planned, dug, planted and watered seeds, seedlings and plants. The garden looks fantastic and we are looking forward to taking care of it over spring, summer and autumn. Upper Primary students examined the school’s water and electricity bills for the year and thought of ways to lower the amount of water and electricity we use every month. Overall, it was a fantastic and fascinating day!

      On Earth Day, all Secondary students worked collaboratively and creatively to raise awareness on plastic waste and possible ways to reduce it locally in school and at home. Students also created an indoor garden in the Biology lab by planting some herbs into used plastic containers. By using recycled paper, they created posters on their work and shared ideas. We are looking forward to all our students being involved in a wide range of activities related to raising awareness of environmental problems like this in the future.