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    IGCSE Art Students' Online Work Show


    02 Dec, 2020

    10 : 00

    • IGCSE Art students have been developing their artistic ability through a myriad of achromatic art methods. The aim was to build upon the work completed in their previous assignment, which focused on observational drawing and more traditional Art techniques. For this assessment the pupils were encouraged to consider how as a society we live, as social awareness should be at the forefront of all young learners mind. Especially as we progress through the 21st century, where overpopulation is a real concern. The achromatic art sheet is a true reflection of what is possible when students are determined, open minded and demonstrate high levels of creativity.

      Year 10 Sarah Zhang

      Year 10 Evelyn

      Year 10 Esther

      Year 10 Cindy

      Year 10 Chloe