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    How YCIS Helped One Sporty Student through Hoops in Australia


    23 Feb, 2021

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    • At YCIS Qingdao, we value the concept of the "school community". We believe a positive and close relationship between school and family contributes greatly to a student’s development. Children get a truly global education with us. From the day they enter YCIS Qingdao, they are being prepared for life abroad and for future challenges.We are pleased to showcase Collin, a five-year YCIS student and his mother Jane (both of whom have moved back to Australia), who recently shared their YCIS experiences with us.

      YCIS: How do you feel about visiting school after one year away?Collin: I'm really excited and miss my classmates and teachers at YCIS. Everything at YCIS is as familiar as before. It's very warm and touching.

      YCIS: What are your feelings towards YCIS? And what's your most memorable experience?Collin: Well, my feelings are complicated, but mostly it’s gratitude. YCIS has given me the chance to get to know western education and helped give me a solid English foundation.The most memorable experience for me was visiting the Jiaonan Deaf School when I was in Year 9. Working with those disabled kids gave me a sense of value and a better understanding of myself.

      YCIS: What do you think YCIS has taught you? What's the effect on your study or career?Collin: Five years at YCIS taught me to think in different ways. It expanded my horizons and developed my critical thinking ability. YCIS offered truly global education, which helped me adapt to the new school life back in Australia. On the subject of career development, I realised basketball was my lifelong hobby and expected direction.

      YCIS: How did you get into basketball and how has it impacted you?Collin: I started to love basketball ever since I won a prize in a game. That inspired me. Playing basketball has helped me make friends, especially in Australia, which is a country that advocates competitive sports. Basketball helped me fit into local life quickly and to understand local culture better.

      YCIS: What is the difference between YCIS and your school in Australia?Collin: Australia secondary school provides total western education. For overseas students, they need to take time to get used to this. Comparatively, YCIS offers a blend of Eastern and Western cultures. There were lots of excellent and friendly Chinese teachers who made me feel comfortable.

      YCIS: If you give your younger classmates some tips, what would you say?Collin: At YCIS Qingdao, the school gives every student a chance to be in charge of his or her study. Therefore, your personal choices are critical. My suggestion for selecting subjects is, follow your heart and pick what you like. Besides this, time management is also essential.

      YCIS: What made you transfer Collin from a public school to YCIS? Were there some features that attracted you?Jane: The first time I came to YCIS I was accompanied by my friend who needed to pick up her kid. It was the end of the school day. The Co-Principals stood both sides in the lobby and warmly said goodbye to kids, which really impressed me. What I felt in YCIS was totally different from public schools. I was surprised.

      I couldn’t believe there was such an international school nearby! A thought jumped up: why not send my kids to this school for global education? Two days later, I took my kids to visit. After seeing the well-equipped science classrooms and music rooms, Collin was excited and couldn’t wait to join.

      As an international school, YCIS combines the best of Eastern and Western cultures and offers a well-rounded and balanced education. The education objectives of YCIS coincide with mine. Being a Chinese parent, I hoped my kids could balance Western education and Chinese courses. Soon after the visiting, Collin enrolled at the school.

      YCIS: Over the five years Collin studied at YCIS Qingdao did you notice any special development?Jane: At YCIS, Collin changed from a little boy into a young man. YCIS character education made a profound influence on him. He learned to be respectful and polite to everyone, to allocate his learning time rationally and to develop self-management.

      YCIS: Has Collin fully adapted to his new school life in Australia?Jane: The experience of learning in YCIS helped Collin get into a new way of life very quickly. He even got third place in an English exam. The global education received at YCIS allowed him fit into the international group and make new friends.Australia is a country that advocates competitive sport. Collin's favourite sport is basketball. He joined the school basketball team and has shown significant improvement after attending many state basketball games. A few days before coming back to China, Collin was third in the overall score ranking in a basketball game. I am really proud of him.

      YCIS: Do share your thoughts about parent-school communication.Jane: As parents, we should choose a school that truly fits our kids. The ideal is to develop kids’ self-confidence and creativity, giving them a safe and free environment to be themselves. It's vital [for families] to have a close relationship with the school to contribute to a child’s growth.

      At YCIS Qingdao there are numerous families like Collin's who have started a new life overseas. The international learning experience at YCIS helped them adapt to the local community quickly. Well-rounded education at YCIS has also taught students to develop positive character traits while equipping them with a valuable global perspective.