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    This Month in Secondary Chinese


    24 Apr, 2017

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    • What’s been going on recently in our Secondary Chinese classes?

      In the Year 7–9 CAL2 class, students have had a series of airport themed lessons. They have learnt some common words and expressions that are used at the airport, and they enjoyed role-play activities based on interactions one would have at the airport. The next time our CAL2 students take a plane, they will surely be able to speak to the airport staff with confidence.

      Year 10 CAL4UP students have been learning some foundational knowledge of Chinese language and writing. By comparing articles with different styles, students had been practising their descriptive writing abilities. Meanwhile, in order to strengthen and enrich students' basic vocabulary, we have been playing a new game “Word Link” in which students make up a story to share with their classmates. This has helped our students to make great strides in their oral Chinese ability.

      In our Year 7–9 Chinese Studies Course, students have been learning about one of southwest China’s most popular tourist destinations – Guilin. Through pictures and videos, students have learnt of the beautiful scenery and delicious food in Guilin. This helps them to fully prepare for their Experiencing China trip at the end of April.