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    Years 5 and 6 Mini-Olympics and Sleepover


    18 Nov, 2016

    10 : 00

    • On November 17 and 18, Years 5 and 6 had our annual sleepover. This year it was a two-day event. On Thursday we held a Mini-Olympics, and Friday we held a Brain Olympics.

      Our Mini-Olympics was themed around sportsmanship. We didn’t keep scores or results for the events, but rather focused on showing good sportsmanship towards others. Students supported their teammates and opposition while trying their hardest. In this way our students experienced the true Olympic spirit, where athletes try their very best to win, while treating their opponents with respect.

      In the evening, students enjoyed more games and pizza for dinner. Afterwards, the main night-time events began. The highlight was a glow in the dark treasure hunt with all the lights out in the main building! This was a little scary but very fun. After lots of games we were able to sleep in the comfortable boarding house facilities in the QICC building, so everyone had a good night’s sleep.

      On Friday, students enjoyed three different activities during our Brain Olympics. Our themes were being aware of inequality in the world, and how different people have used their different skills to change the world. In one room, students created lyrics for a song to raise awareness of the biggest problems in the world today. In another room, we had a construction project, and the final activity was about problem solving.

      It was a very busy two days and we really enjoyed taking the students through a wide range of activities. They showed off their sporting, thinking, creative, and problem solving skills. The students also showed teamwork and sportsmanship while having lots of fun!