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    First Aid Workshop


    10 Oct, 2017

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    • This past Thursday we had a fantastic opportunity to empower some of the parents in our school community by teaching them First Aid Skills for the home. 15 mom’s and child care ayi’s came out to the QICC and participated in a workshop aimed at helping them to feel confident when responding to emergencies that could occur at home or outside with children. We discussed topics such as nosebleeds, cuts and bruises, head injuries, broken bones, choking, and basic CPR skills. Parents were able to ask questions about what to do in situations that commonly occur with young children, such as a child sticking something in a nose or ear. They were offered practical advice on what they could do to provide First Aid Care at home, and how to know when an injury requires a visit to the doctor or hospital. They received hands-on training in how to administer CPR and help someone who is choking. The training was provided bilingually in English and Chinese with Korean translation also available. Our school nurse provided the English training with 3 nurses from Julia Clinic providing the Chinese training. At the end of the training, the participants received the course notes for practice at home, a free fully stocked home First Aid Kit from Julia Clinic, and a set of refrigerator magnets containing emergency phone numbers, and instructions for providing First Aid Care in emergency situations. We were so pleased to see the parents that attended being such active participants in the course; asking questions, trying new skills, and even providing the other moms with some tips that they have found helpful from their own experiences. We look forward to doing another one of these training sessions in the spring and hope to see many more of our parents join us as we learn together how to keep our children safe..