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    Great Ideas


    17 Oct, 2017

    10 : 00

    • As a part of a unit called, “Great Ideas,” Year 8 EAL designed their very own original inventions. Before coming up with their ideas, students began by watching other interesting, useful—and sometimes humorous—items people have made in the past. Although this was a competition in which all of secondary would be voting, they worked collaboratively and helped each other in each stage of the project. Thursday, September 21st during morning assembly, the students gave their presentations. First place prize went to Park Sungil (Patrick) for his invention of “YFYU—You Forgot Your Umbrella,” a backpack containing an umbrella so that you will never get stuck in the rain again! He won by just ONE VOTE! The second place prize went to Pedro Mafra Sekurcinski for his invention called, “The Transpordog,” a convenient basket that attaches to the side of your bike so you can bring your dog with you on bike rides. Third place went to Liu Feng Shuo (Darren) for his invention of “The MP Scarf,” a multi-purpose scarf that allows you to take small items with you without carrying them. This YCIS character trait of the month was creativity, and these students indeed demonstrated this in fun English project.

      Miss Lisa Bruno - YCIS Secondary EAL Teacher