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    Happy Chinese New Year!


    02 Feb, 2024

    10 : 19


    Amidst the joyful music and lively drumbeats, the students of YCIS Qingdao enthusiastically celebrated the Lunar New Year with a festive event. The campus was adorned with vibrant window decorations and lanterns hanging from rooftops, creating a festive ambience in every corner. With heartfelt dedication, the students meticulously prepared a series of captivating performances that showcased the rich essence of Chinese culture on stage.


    The students from Year 6 and Year 8 delivered a fantastic opening with their dragon dance,  showcasing the vitality and charm of Chinese traditional culture.

    Hello New Year  Y5A and Y5B Performance



    The children from the ECE department brought the story of Nian - The New Year Monster to us with vivid portrayals. Through their dance, movements, and expressions, the children effectively conveyed the festive and mischievous nature of Nian. To enhance the enjoyment and encourage parent-child interaction, parents were specially invited to play the roles of the old grandmother, the uncle, and the grandfather in the story. Dressed in carefully crafted costumes, the parents collaborated harmoniously with the children, resulting in a heartwarming and entertaining performance that immersed the audience in the enchanting world of Nian.


    Rising Stars from China Y6 Performance


    【Harmonies of Motherly Wisdom Y6 Elsa and her Dad Performance】



    YCIS has consistently upheld the educational mission of "Aligning with Arts," recognizing the transformative power of art in bringing endless surprises and fostering growth in children. With unwavering focus and enthusiasm, our talented young actors showcased their unique understanding of art. Their melodious voices and captivating dance moves breathed life into each performance, showcasing the distinctive charm of Chinese culture. These exceptional presentations not only displayed the children's confidence but also vividly exemplified the educational philosophy of YCIS Qingdao.