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    We Shine on the Beijing Stage!


    31 Oct, 2023

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    On October 21, YCIS Qingdao and YWIES Yantai orchestra participated in the "Vision and Flowers" Chinese and Foreign Youth Cultural Exchange Gala Show. Our YCYW students and nearly a thousand young actors from China, Kazakhstan, Poland, Sri Lanka, the Netherlands, and India performed together to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the "Belt and Road" initiative.



    This event was the first collaboration among YCIS Qingdao and YWIES Yantai young artists. They are not only performers but also messengers of cultural exchange. Through music, the students communicated and interacted with young people from all over the world, and thus deepened their respect and understanding of diverse cultures.


    The students participate in the “Cultural Exchange Program” organized with the support of the Albanian Embassy in China



    The show strengthened the close cooperation between YCIS Qingdao and YWIES Yantai and also provided opportunities for children to show themselves. To prepare for this performance, students from the two schools started practising a month ago and went to Qingdao and Yantai campuses respectively for joint rehearsals.



    YCYW has always adhered to the school mission of "Align with Culture and Art", believing that art can cultivate students into well-rounded and diversified talents. This concept runs through our education system. Music is not only a subject but also a language that crosses cultural boundaries.


    We hope that there will be more opportunities in the future, to give full play to the integrated advantages of YCYW Education in Shandong Province and let our students shine on the global stage.