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    Mr Kutin was awarded the Title of the Outstanding International Friend


    30 Nov, 2021

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    • On Nov 19th,2 021 Qingdao West Coast New Area the Outstanding people launched at Qingdao West Coast New Area. YCIS Qingdao secondary music teacher Peter Kutin was awarded the title of the most international friend.


      Mr Kutin loves China very much, and his wife is from Qingdao. Their family lived in China for decades. He always devotes himself to the communication between eastern and western culture and blends Chinese elements into violin composing and teaching. As a Yew Chung educator and violinist, he has always sets an example to pursue excellence in values, encourage cultural diversity, and use music as a medium to gather students from all over the world. He also promotes positive cross-cultural integration, and encourages students to think and act from different perspectives, promoting the development of international friendship.



      Before coming to China, Mr Kutin served as the principal of the viola part of the San Angelo Symphony Orchestra in the United States and the assistant conductor of the Fort Worth Youth Symphony Orchestra in the United States. Since 2004, he has been with the group to tour the United States, South Korea and Europe for two years. In 2007, he received a full scholarship from Texas Christian University to study with Dr Misha Galaganov, a famous American string educator. In Qingdao, he was the guest conductor of the Tiantai Youth Symphony Orchestra of Qingdao Great Theater. In addition, he has been invited to serve as a judge for many major competitions at home and abroad, such as the Hong Kong International Music Festival, the Mimier Chamber Music Competition in Texas, the Chinese Youth Hummingbird Music Competition, and the Qingdao International Instrumental Music Competition.



      As a Yew Chung educator, Mr Kutin actively guides students from different countries to feel the charm of Chinese culture in music creation with his heart. He pays attention to each child's strengths and weaknesses, temperament and personality, and fully assists each student to maximise their potential while caring for their mental and physical health. Since coming to teach at YCIS Qingdao, he has trained many students. All of them have been admitted to significant music academies at home and abroad, including the Eastman School of Music, Indiana State University, the Central Conservatory of Music, and the Chinese Conservatory of Music, the Ocean University of China, TCU University of Texas, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Boston University, Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, etc., and many students received full scholarships.



      Mr Kutin actively participates in various local theatrical performances in Qingdao to achieve the collision and integration of Chinese and Western cultures. In 2019, he was invited to the China Railway Expo City Classical Music Festival competition as a guest lecturer, and at the same time participated in the concert's performance and competition review. In the same year, he was invited to the Central Conservatory of Music·Art·Master Class Concert as the band conductor, which was a complete success. In November 2020, the concert "Four Seasons. Autumn" hosted by the Qingdao Musicians Association specially invited him as a guest and directed the performance of the Association Orchestra. In June 2021, he participated in the reception performance of the 2nd General Assembly of the Boao Forum for Asia Global Health Forum.



      Mr Kutin often said: "As a Yew Chung educator, we must move forward with gratitude”. It is a great honour and a heavy responsibility to teach and educate future leaders. To provide a holistic education that nurtures the whole person. He thinks art is one of the most important and effective ways to achieve this.