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    From West to East YCIS Qingdao 15th Years Anniversary Concert


    17 Dec, 2021

    10 : 00

    • When Christmas decorations are decked out in the campus, with the Christmas tree lighting again, it was the annual Christmas season. On Dec 10th, YCIS Qingdao community had their fantastic Christmas concert. More importantly, it was also the celebration of the schools 15th anniversary.

      What will happen if traditional eastern music is confronted with classic western rhythm? This is the theme of our Christmas concert: From West to East. The theme is just like our YCIS family. Even though we come from different countries and speak different languages, YCIS Qingdao is where we gather and embark on a truly global education journey. Families from all over the world contribute to the dynamic and unique community culture.

      At the concert, students and parents presented a variety of performances such as school choir, violin ensemble, rock band, string performance, etc. Game of Four, the traditional Korean musical instrument performed by our Korean students, YCIS parent choir, and the most exciting Eastern and Western string performance, brought the atmosphere of the entire concert to a climax again and again.

      In order to present a wonderful art performance to the audiences, the students have been stepping up their practice in the past few weeks. Well, the success of this performance showcased the incredible talent of our students. As one of YCIS school mottos, Align with artlets students perceive beautiful things through art, enrich the inner world, feel the charm of teamwork, and build excellent character. The concert is a rare enjoyment of art and a perfect opportunity for character education.

      In an effort to share the Christmas concert with all our YCIS families who cannot attend physically, we provided a virtual viewing option on Douyin this year. Aligning with science and technology enables YCIS families across the world to reunite online and share beautiful moments.

      Every student, parent, alumni, teacher, and staff have built up the lovely YCIS community as a big family over the past fifteen years. We believe the deep YCIS community cohesion will also give back more care and warmth to community members and cultivate students, to become global citizens, in pursuit of a better world.

      We hope the miracle of Christmas fills your heart with warmth and love throughout the season and wish you a Merry Christmas!