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    We Love Spring!


    06 Apr, 2022

    10 : 00

    • After spending a long, frigid winter season, Spring comes around. Spring is a lovely and precious season with thousands of blooms, moderate temperate and breeze. Recently, YCIS Qingdao Chinese department made an online competition. The theme was Seizing the Spring. Students recited ancient Chinese poems about Spring, did outdoor activities, sang spring songs, and practised their writings. 

      It’s the time of year when nature starts to shake off the holds of winter. In ancient China, many talented poets wrote poetry to express their love for the first season of the year, Spring. Springtime is appreciated, don’t miss it!

      Students used their favourite books, colourful pens and fallen flowers to spell the Chinese characters related to Spring.

      Despite the epidemic condition being uncertain, the delighted and greener Spring promises new life and new hope and gives us the chance of renewal and expectation. Spring break is coming. Do some outdoor activities like jogging, hiking, enjoying the sunlight and breathing fresh air. Get ready to celebrate Spring in your ways!