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    Campus Renovation


    19 Jul, 2022

    10 : 00

    • The expected summer holiday is coming! During this summer vacation, the YCIS Qingdao campus will have renovation work completed. Have a look at what will happen on YCIS campus.

      We will have a brand new school entrance with a neat street façade, an appropriate spatial layout and a broader reception area.  

      In front of the main building, there will be a sunken garden and various outdoor recreation facilities. The original artificial grass will change to EPDM ground, which is more elastic and safer.

      The new spatial layout will separate the walking and parking area to ensure pedestrian safety and utilize the parking space effectively. 

      We invited the top International landscape design company to make the whole plan, and all the playground equipment was imported from USA and Poland. YCIS always pays more attention to details to ensure that kids have the best learning experiences.

      The indoor renovation is mainly at the school library. Our new school library will have different functional spaces, including a reading area, primary free reading area, primary group work area, reception table, secondary group work area, public learning area and I.B. space.

      All the construction materials are environmentally friendly and conform to the international environment protection standard. The furniture is provided by the well-known top office furniture brand Steelcase. We will invite a professional company to test the air quality for project acceptance.

      The school renovation will finish in early August. When students go back to school, they will find those tremendous changes. YCIS Qingdao is committed to global education. We keep moving forward to face the ever-changing world and the diverse needs of the school community. YCIS strives for the best learning experience for students.

      Happy summer holiday, hope to see you all on the new campus!