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    How do we do PM reading in YCIS Qingdao?


    01 Nov, 2022

    15 : 48

    • Learning a language is like climbing a mountain that needs continuous, incremental efforts. While reading plays a vital role in this process. Reading happens in a life-long journey from learning essential words and reading fluently to reading for information and comprehension.


      YCIS Qingdao uses the PM reading scheme in the school's primary section. This scheme is also used by 90% of schools in the United Kingdom. PM benchmarking is the most extensive and finely levelled reading programme in the UK, with a proven approach to developing successful readers and offers over 1000 books spanning 30 finely graded levels.

    • Year One

      At the beginning of each school year, the Year One English teacher will test students’ reading levels individually. Students in the same reading level will do group guided reading in class. The group is not fixed; it changes constantly and is highly related to the needs of the individual child.

    • Year Four

      In Year 4, students’ reading level is usually around level 25. The Year Four teacher pays more attention to summarising skills and comprehension questions, whereas Year One focuses on phonics and fluency.


      Students must use their own words for summarising the book and answering some comprehension questions based on their understanding of the texts read. Teachers can determine students’ reading levels and provide appropriate instructional support.


      Under the YCIS fundamental learning and favourable language environment, some Year Four students have reached the highest PM reading level of 30.

    • Year Six

      Year Six is the final primary year, and most Year Six students have reached the final level of the PM series. English teachers will test the new Year Six students at the beginning, middle and end of the school year to identify students’ reading levels.


      The assessment measures various aspects, including analysis of retelling, questions to check for understanding, and analysis of reading behaviours ( fluency, expression, self-monitoring, self-correcting etc.)


      Based on the assessment, the teacher can identify each student’s pathway of progress, provide students with informative and constructive feedback, organise students into groups with similar learning needs, and plan individual, class and school programs.


      In YCIS Qingdao, some students’ reading level is far beyond level 30. They are excelling as secondary students even in Year Six.


      Join us at YCIS Qingdao and start your reading journey!

    • Guided reading with students

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